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Most families believe that once a college sends you an "Award Letter", which spells out the various types of financial aid being offered, the game's over and all that's left to do is accept or decline. What do you think ... is that correct?

MAYBE. If you're happy with your Award Letters, then yes, it's just a matter of choosing the best one.

But let's say the Award Letter from your #1 college choice is not quite where you need it to be. Are you stuck with their initial offer?

Not necessarily.

You see, financial aid packages are rarely set in stone and can usually be negotiated to a more favorable distribution. Financial Aid Officers (FAO) may deny it, but I've seen and been involved in too many successful negotiations to believe otherwise! In my experience, as long as you "position" yourself properly, negotiating for a better aid package can be a fairly simple process.

Just listen to what a client of mine had to say ...

"... one might think the high school counselor will give you the assistance you need ... wrong! Also, never dreamed you could negotiate with colleges, like buying a car. It seems tacky, but if that's the way the game is played, it's best to know the rules."

"... our award was increased at my daughter's school of choice by $4,068 for the first year. If this continues for 4 years ... $16, 272 ... WOW! That extra money meant my daughter could attend her school of choice ... everybody's happy!"

- Kaye Sandbek



Pretty exciting, isn't it?

If you're ever in a position where you need to negotiate a more favorable financial aid package, here are some helpful hints:

  • Become fully familiar with "how" the college financial aid SYSTEM truly works.
  • Do some initial research into the financial aid tendencies at each of the colleges you're applying to. You can get this information directly from a college's financial aid office, or from private publications like Barrons College Profile Handbook.
  • When communicating with FAO's, you definitely want to sound like an "educated" financial aid consumer. Use terms like Expected Family Contribution, Financial Need, FAFSA, etc.
  • Apply to at least 4 different colleges, and let the FAO know he is competing with other schools.

Those are just a few of the powerful negotiating tactics you can employ. You simply don't have to "settle" for an award package if it doesn't quite meet your needs.

In business (and never ever forget, a college is just like any other business), everything is negotiable. Including Financial Aid Packages!

To learn a simple, step-by-step "system" for getting more & better quality financial aid, you really need to get your hands on "The No B.S. Guide To Getting Maximum College Financial Aid". In this guide, a whole section is devoted to negotiating, and you'll even find a sample negotiation letter that you can model for most situations!

If you don't yet have a copy, click on the link below to reserve your copy today ...



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