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Consultants in the financial aid profession, though small in number, are regularly bombarded with complaints, concerns, criticisms and questions from the various public sector service providers (high school guidance counselors, college financial aid & admissions officers, various government agency representatives). The main criticism? Charging fees for what is considered public information.

This is a weak argument for two main reasons. First, the information you get from a private consultant will be far more beneficial and specifically tailored to your needs than any information you get from the public sector. Why? Simple. A private consultant MUST do a good job for clients or go out of business.

Second, passive dependence on "free" services for college financial aid planning is almost like wholeheartedly trusting the IRS to complete your tax return in your best interests!

Think about it.

If a public government agency makes their money by providing college student loans, WHY would they show you how to get the maximum amount in "free money" grants and scholarships?

Or why would a college want to tell you how to qualify for more aid when it's their own institutional grant aid being discussed?

Please understand this: A college is just like any other business. The more profit it generates, the better. And the role of a colleges financial aid officer is to use high nominal fees and the complex regulations governing financial aid -- to extract as much money as possible from students and their parents. Your job (as parent or student), is to use the regulations to pay as little money as possible -- within the letter of the law



The college money game is an all out war! Try to fight it with wandering generalities, half-truths, incomplete information, and biased advice, and you'll most certainly lose. BIG TIME.

To win, you need focused, specific, and unbiased solutions in order to get the maximum amount of financial aid. Our advice? Immediately get a copy of "The No B.S. Guide To Getting Maximum College Financial Aid".

In this guide, you'll discover all the little-known insider secrets that high-priced consultants normally charge $500-$1,000 to dispense. To reserve your copy, click on over to ...

P.S. Here's what a student had to say about "free" help ...

"As I began my quest for financial assistance to complete my undergraduate work, I was struck with just how little information that financial aid offices at universities and colleges were willing to give ... Well, an uninformed student doesn't know which questions to ask. That's where Bill Guting's book came into play. It provided me with comprehensive insight into the overall process so that I could formulate my own personal strategy. I would recommend this work with the highest regard."

- Shawn Arnette



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