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Here are some of the most common misconceptions about financial aid:

"Financial aid is only for low income households."

"We make too much money and have too many assets to qualify for financial aid!"

"Most financial aid is set aside primarily for minority students."

Of course, in the overwhelming majority of cases, none of these assumptions are true! Congress has passed a new set of financial aid laws called the "Federal Methodology", that could be very beneficial to all families regardless of income and assets. Now, even if your family income is up to $130,000 per year, you can qualify for financial aid - as long as you know the right strategies!

Today, the average cost of a 4-year education is around $10,295 at a public university, and $27,399 at a private college ... and increasing 5-10% every single year (2-3 times faster than the rate of inflation!). Gone are the days when you could send your child to college with a modest savings plan and a couple of bonds from the grandparents. College costs have simply risen too far and too fast for most people to keep up!

I guess the good news is that, even though the price of getting a college degree goes higher and higher, there is still a great deal of financial aid available. We're talking BILLIONS of dollars in available funding ... and growing! With college costs so high, almost every family can now qualify for some form of assistance.


The question is: HOW MUCH will you be able to get from this vast pool of available money for college?

The answer depends on YOU and your overall knowledge of how the financial aid system really and truly works, and your knowledge and use of the "legal" strategies that will maximize the amount of financial aid you're qualified to receive!

That's right. You're in more control than you realize.

Many believe that a family that makes over $75,000 a year, owns their own home, and has substantial assets, will definitely not qualify for financial aid. The truth? That family - provided it applies the proper strategies - almost certainly does!

On the flip side, a family on the other side of the ledger (family income of $35,000 or less, rent their home, no assets), often believes that they can't afford to send their child to college at all. The truth? Use of the very same "insider" strategies can give this family the ability to afford any college in the country - regardless of cost!

The bottom line? Most families can qualify for college financial aid - regardless of income & assets - as long as you know the right strategies.

Remember, if you're stressed about the high cost of a college education, it's only because there's certain things that you DON'T KNOW about the college financial aid system. That's why you owe it to yourself to get a copy of "The No B.S. Guide To Getting Maximum College Financial Aid"

If you haven't received it yet, just click on the link below to reserve your copy today ....

P.S. Here's what a respected publication had to say about the financial aid game:

"In the financial aid game victory goes to the swift and savvy ... "

"Financial aid supposedly goes to the students who need it most. In practice, it is apt to go to those who best understand how to apply for it."

- Terry Thompson
US News & World Report



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